autumn_enigma (autumn_enigma) wrote,

It could only be a Pippin...

So I had another “Pippin moment”…

Anyone in the UK will know that there is a car-insurance company called “Churchills”. If you don’t live in the UK, well, there, it’s important you know…

This evening, I was watching this show with Sophie, and it turns out, that there was a MAN called Churchill, who played a very big part in the war. Now, excuse me for being so completely stupid, but I just thought that Churchill was the voice of the animated dog for the car-insurance advert.

I vaguely remember someone being called Churchill in my history lessons, but it was only today that I finally made that connection. I sometimes wonder where my head really was at school, I really do…

And yes, I am naturally blonde, in case you were wondering.

I feel:
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