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Somewhere, beyond the sea...

Alright, so here I am in England...I got here this morning, Sophie met me from the airport, and we've had a fun day. After I got settled at her place, we went out to get some food. We went out to Asda and got a various supply of things, including donuts!

Anyway, in the car, I put my sunglasses on, opened up the donuts and started to nibble on one...only to find it wasn't a jam donut like we had both thought. I kind of felt myself wretch a little, as not only were they toffee flavoured, they were toffee AND cinnamon. My god, I felt my stomach pulse! So I sit close to the window, getting ready to vomit it up, and once it starts, I stick my head out the window, but since were are on the motor-way (or high-way, if you’re American!) the air-force, kind of blew my sunglasses off my face! So they flew off alongside my vomit out the car window, leaving me rather disgruntled! I turned back to Sophie and just kind of whimpered, but she was too busy laughing at me. WAA! So, I felt somewhat embarrassed about my little fiasco!

So we’re going to have to have a little trip at some point to get some new sunglasses! I can’t live without my sunglasses! And as for those damn toffee and cinnamon donuts…well, I wasn’t very happy about those either!

Still, it’s been a good day. We watched Return of the King this afternoon, because we’ve not watched that together for a while. It was nice to do that with Sophie again. It’s just not the same when you watch it on your own.

Anyway, I have been saying I have another fic lined up and hopefully the first part will be completed and I can post it later on tonight. Thank you all very much for the kind things you said about my last one. I really appreciated it, so thank you all very much.

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