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Burning up, part five

Burning up, part five

Billy had taken the bottle-opener away. He carefully dabbed some damp tissue over Dom’s arm, only to find it was hardly anything.

“Did it help?” Billy asked, very softly.

Dom shook his head. His eyes were red with tears and he sniffed quickly. He bit his lip and blinked a few times.

“Sorry,” he whispered.

Billy didn’t say anything. He finished seeing to Dom’s arm, holding the tissue in place and then finding a small plaster to put on the cut. He sighed and finished off, then looked up to Dom.

“I don’t want you doing stuff like this, Dom.” Billy said softly. “And I especially don’t want you telling me I need to get some balls, just because I was seeing some fans.” He said.

Dom nodded. He was feeling very sorry for himself. He knew Billy was right. He sighed and placed his arm back on his lap. He avoided Billy’s eyes and tried hard not to cry again. Billy stood up and rested against the cubicle door.

“Why did you lose me?” Billy asked softly.

Dom shrugged. “I didn’t.” he said. “Not really. It just felt like it.” He sighed.

Billy frowned. “Why? Because I was seeing my fans?” He asked gently.

Dom nodded a little. “Well, just when I told them to leave you alone. I saw you looked annoyed. That’s why I did it. I was trying to stick up for you.” He said.

Billy nodded and sighed a little. “I know, and I never said I didn’t appreciate that.” He said softly. “But you did it right in front of all those people. Not just the fans, but the people in the lounge.” Billy knelt down. “In front of those little kids,” he said.

Dom nodded. He knew what Billy was getting at. He felt annoyed, still, but accepted what Billy was saying.

“That’s why I said it was alright.” Billy said.

Dom sighed. He sat in silence for a long time and just felt the throbbing of his arm run through his veins.

“I’m sorry I said that to you,” He said softly.

Billy nodded. “It’s alright,” he said. He stayed kneeling in front of Dom, but waited for his friend to speak.

“I’m sorry I’m such a bloody wanker that all I do is embrasses you. I’m sorry I’m such a fucking bad person and friend, that I’ll smash your face in, try to jump a lorry and then cut myself, even when you said not to. Even when you bought me a new surfboard and a ticket to Mexico with you. I’m sorry for everything, Billy. I’m sorry I’m the poorest excuse ever for being your Merry.”

Billy narrowed his eyes, listening to Dom speak. He shook his head and moved up a little close to Dom, resting his hands on Dom’s knees. He shook his head again.

“No, Dom. You’re not those things. You only think that because you’re depressed. And you don’t know what’s happening to you.” He whispered.

Dom looked at Billy, tears lacing both their eyes.

“When we get to Mexico, things will be better, you’ll see,” Billy told him. “You’ll be in a new place with new surroundings and you can break from being somewhere familiar.”

Billy held his hand gently. “You’ll have that feeling, the one where you’re excited but nervous at the same time. You’ll look at stuff you’ve never seen before. You’ll see, hear, smell, taste—every sense you have—you’ll experience something new. Something different.”

Dom looked at him and wiped his eyes with his free hand. “Like in New Zealand?” He asked softly.

Billy nodded. “Yes. You remember when we were in that car, and we saw all these new things, like, things we never even knew existed?” Billy asked.

Dom nodded.

“We’ll have that all over again. You’ll feel inspired.” He told him. “You’ll see the wonder and magic of who you are and why you wanted to be who you are.” He promised.

Dom frowned slightly, but tightened his hand on Billy’s.

“I could,” he paused. “I could still find myself then?” He asked.

Billy shook his head. “Not could, Dom. Will. You will find yourself again. I promise.” He said.

Dom nodded, he even smiled a little, despite his tears and his shock and fear at what he’d done.

“With you?” He asked.

Billy smiled softly. “Of course with me!” He smiled.

Dom nodded. “Then I want to find me again.” He said.

Billy smiled and led Dom over to the sink. He ran the tap and smiled. “Wash your face a little, then we can go back out and get our flight.” He said.

Dom nodded and did as Billy said. He took a little while to regain himself, but finally looked to Billy, smiled and nodded.

“I’m ready now,” he said.

Billy smiled and gave him a quick hug. “You won’t ever know how proud of you I am, Dommie.” Billy said.

Dom started walking to the door with Billy and smiled. Those words touched him more than anything else Billy could ever offer.

The waves rose high against the backdrop of blue sky. They crashed down, sending thousands of diamond-like sun-drops shimmering towards them. Billy held his board and smiled to Dom.

“The waves are great, Dom.” Billy said.

Dom nodded and smiled. He loosely held his own board and looked to Billy.

“I don’t know that I can do it.” He said. “I don’t feel very good.”

Billy nodded. “Neither did I when I saw waves that big. I almost shit myself.”

Dom smiled. “You know what I mean.” He said.

Billy nodded and walked a little closer to the shore. “I know, Dom, but when will you ever be able to ride waves like these?” He asked softly. “Today is a great day for it.” He looked to Dom. “Or you could just add it to your list of things to regret.”

Dom looked at Billy for a while. His friend was right. He nodded. “Are you going out?” he asked.

Billy nodded. “You lead, I’ll follow,” He said softly.

Dom looked at him and nodded. He carefully stepped out and watched the surf. He gave Billy another small smiled and ran towards the break.

Billy watched before taking to the sea himself. He saw Dom riding the surf with ease, taking the break and riding above it. Billy followed out, matched his timing and found his own break.

Dom laughed and gave a cry of accomplishment as he rose above it. “Bills!” he cried. “Look!” Dom turned back to see Billy behind him.

All he saw was Billy’s board floating on the waves. Billy was no-where to be seen.

...Last part coming up!

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