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And you took the time to tell me you meant it.

I am going to see Sophie next week!! I'm going down to visit her before she starts Uni. It's going to be good fun and I'll be sure to take many photos and put them here afterwards. scruffehluvr did this meme, so I thought I'd give it ago, too...


Ten Favorites...

Favorite Colour: Blue

Favorite Food: Thai green curry

Favorite Movie: I can’t say just one. My choice changes daily, but within a list of favorites, I have: The
Crow, Edward Scissorhands, The Godfather, Braveheart, Bill and Ted and many others…

Favorite Sport: Any form of Martial Art

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Day Of The Week: Friday

Favorite Ice Cream: Flavor Chocolate mint

Favorite Time Of Day: After 7pm

Nine Currents...

Current Mood: I don’t really have one. It goes up and down

Current Taste: What?! Hahah! That could be anything!

Current Clothes: Jeans and a black t-shirt

Current Desktop: Picture A little picture of Billy

Current Toenail Color: None

Current Time: 18:10

Current Surroundings: My bedroom

Current Annoyances: This fucking great headache I’ve had all day

Current Thought: I might go to the toilet…

Eight Firsts...

First Best Friend: Uh, now it’s Sophie…

First Kiss: When I was about 13…with the guy in my Art class!

First Screen Name: Pippin_Took

First Pet: A spaniel dog, called Tessa

First Piercing: --

First Crush A: guy I knew called Paul

First Music: Adam and the Ants and Prince

First Memory: I’d rather not say

Seven Lasts...
Last Cigarette: I don’t smoke

Last Drink: Sparkling water

Last Car Ride: This afternoon

Last Kiss: Last night

Last Movie Seen: Dukes of Hazzard

Last Phone Call: Sophie

Last CD Played: Enya, a day without rain

Six Have You Evers...

Dated One Of Your Best Friends: No

Have You Ever Broken The Law: Does stealing a pack of sweets when you’re 7 count?

Been Arrested: No

Skinny Dipped: No!

Been On TV: Yes, a very long time ago!

Kissed Someone You Did Not Know: No

Five Things You Have Done Today...
1. I’ve eaten food
2. I’ve spoken to Sophie
3. I checked and answered my emails
4. I played some music
5. Went out

Four Places You Have Been...
1. Pourtsmouth, England
2. Newquy, Cornwall
3. London
4. Inverness, Scotland

Three People You Can Tell Anything To...
1. Sophie
2. My brother
3. And that’s it.

Two Choices...
1. Life
2. Compassion

One Thing...
1. World Peace

I'm online now, if anyone wants to talk. :)

I feel: I hear: "Diamonds and Pearls", Prince
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