autumn_enigma (autumn_enigma) wrote,

Monday, monday...

Rented Seed of Chucky today. It was nice being able to watch it again. And all the extras were a nice bonus. I don't think it is able to buy until next week, but it was well worth me renting it. I still loved it as much as I did when I saw it at the cinema. :)

My Aunt is doing better, now, which I am really pleased to say. She is still going through her treatment, but it finally seems to be working...

I also managed to get more than two hours sleep today, so I am hoping that's a start and I'll be able to sleep a couple hours tonight. I'm still pretty tired though!

My fish has to be the most amusing thing I have ever seen! He can see his own reflection in the tank and he stares at himself and then flits off before coming back to try and knock himself away. Then, he swims right up to the surface and flicks his tail out before going all the way back down to the bottom again! Great fun for the easily amused such as myself!

Ooh...and here's my favorite Billy pic of the moment:

But, other than those few things, my day has been pretty uneventful! Thanks to those I talked to last night, I had a great time, as usual, and I hope you're well! :D

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