autumn_enigma (autumn_enigma) wrote,

Oh, to the life of an innsomniac...

Right, I was going to update before...I can think better now! I am really pleased because on Monday, Seed of Chucky comes out on DVD. I have been waiting for this for a while now, and I am so happy that I'll finally be able to own it and see all the extras and things.

As well as this, I got to speak to Sophie and tell her all about my: Billy, Dom, Sawyer, Evi, Hawaii, Glasgow, Southampton dream! lol! It was as weird as it looks!

Oh...and the people from the printing place said they would call me next week to talk to me about the job. They couldn't do it this week as the manager was sick. But fingers crossed, I'll get myself a nice new job!

I just realised it's gone midnight. Seriously, it feels as though it's only 7pm or something. I think I need to get a nice, warm drink, get into my pj's and hope that I will get a little bit of sleep tonight.

I feel:
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