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With these lazy days...

How's everyone's weekend been so far, then? Mine has been alright. Still, not much to report, but I spoke to a few people last night and it was nice talking to you all, as always! I have my job interview on Monday, at 2pm, so I'm partly looking forward to it as well as being both excited and nervous, but it should be fine! I might be seeing Sophie next week!! We'll have to see, but it would be great fun if I could. I'm sure we can arrange something...

Anyway, I have to get this place cleaned up, it's getting to be something of a mess! Let me know how you all are and hopefully we can talk soon!

Take care!

Burning up, part three

Burning up, part three

Dom felt himself rising. His feet were off the ground, his eyes were still closed. All he could see was darkness and the distant sound of a horn. He couldn’t believe how painless that had been. He’d probably died the second he hit the lorry. It would have been too fast for him to realise how much it hurt. He felt himself falling backwards; he opened his eyes and frowned, seeing he was still here. He wasn’t dead.

“You’re not going this way, Dommie,” Billy shouted, falling back but still holding tightly to Dom.

Dom gasped for breath as he suddenly realised what had happened. Billy was holding to him so tightly. They both just lay there, on the grass, getting their breath back. Dom felt himself crying. His body was shaking.

“How, how did you know?” he whispered.

Billy did not let go, still getting his breath back and doing his absolute best to stop his anger and disappointment coming through.

He sighed. “I saw you from the window,” Billy told him softly.

Dom rested his head back against Billy’s shoulder and just felt himself shaking, he couldn’t stop crying. He couldn’t explain what he’d just done. He could give no answers to any questions Billy may have and the worst part was that he couldn’t even explain it to himself.

“I’m sorry,” was all he could whimper.

Billy ran his hand over Dom’s hair and nodded. “We need to go inside now,” he said.

He gently moved Dom up and once they were stood, he placed his arm strongly over Dom’s shoulders. They began walking slowly to the doors and walked in silence. Once they were back inside Dom’s apartment, Billy sat Dom down on the sofa and went to get the mug of tea he’d made.

“Drink this,” he said softly.

Billy stayed kneeling in front of Dom and watched his friend carefully. Dom drank a few small gulps and handed the mug back to Billy.

“Better?” Billy asked gently.

Dom nodded a little and sighed. His eye-brows furrowed and he felt himself crying again. He didn’t know what was happening to him. Billy sighed and tilted his head.

“Dom, would it be alright, if I was to give you a hug?” he asked softly.

This only seemed to make Dom cry even more, but he nodded. “Please,” he whimpered.

Billy leaned forwards and gently wrapped his arms around Dom’s shoulders, carefully bringing him closer and holding him tight. He didn’t say anything. He just let Dom cry into his shoulder and get it out of his system. After a while, Billy handed the mug back to him.

“Drink some more and then maybe you should lye down for a while.” Billy said softly.

Dom drank some more and did what Billy said. They went to Dom's room. Dom stood in the door-way as Billy pulled back the covers and Dom climbed in. Billy very gently pulled the covers back over Dom and tucked him in.

“Do you want me to pull the curtains?” Billy asked.

Dom nodded. Billy drew them and went back to Dom. He sat down on the bed and didn’t say anything. Dom sighed and looked to Billy.

“What’s happening to me?” he whispered. “I don’t understand.” He said very softly.

Billy sighed and tilted his head. He ran his hand down Dom’s face and smiled comfortingly.

“You’re depressed, Dom. But it can get better,” he said softly.

Dom felt himself crying again.

“But I don’t want to feel like this.” He said.

Billy nodded. “I know. It’s a nasty thing to feel, but you can get out of it.” He told him.

Dom knew Billy was more than aware of how it felt to be depressed, he knew enough to know the stages and what could happen. Dom trusted that. He watched Billy’s face as his friend spoke. He made sure he’d try to understand. Billy smiled.

“Later on, we’re going to watch Lord of the Rings,” he told him.

Dom frowned. He stayed silent but listened anyway.

“We’re going to look at all the extras and interviews and you’ll be able to see all those things you used to get excited about. All those things that made you feel like you had butterflies in your tummy.” Billy smiled.

Dom looked and him and smiled a little. “How we were made into Hobbits?” he asked.

Billy nodded. “Anything you want,” he whispered.

Dom’s smile faded but he watched as Billy continued to talk. Suddenly he stopped and smiled.

“But afterwards, I have a surprise for you.” He told him.

Dom looked at him. “For me?” he asked.

Billy nodded. “But I’ll tell you about it later. I want you to get some rest now, alright?” He said.

Dom nodded and smiled as Billy went to the door. He sighed, closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, wondering what this surprise could be. He still felt shock in his system at what he’d done to his friend and now almost himself, but part of him felt a little better knowing that Billy was watching over him.

While Dom was in his room, Billy sat down on the sofa, took a deep breath and finally let himself cry, realising he’d almost lost Dom today. He wanted to let it all out before Dom woke up and Billy would have to go back to being “Billy” again. He rested his head back against the sofa-back and just let the tears fall down his face.

To be continued…

I feel: I hear: "Creek Mary's Blood", Nightwish
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